TDP: Dalits unsafe under Palegars factionist rule


Lokesh has every right to take part in slain Dalit girl last rites
Jagan should suspend SP for slapping Dalit Ex Minister
Slap on Anand Babu is a slap on the face of all Dalits

AMARAVATI: TDP Politburo Member Varla Ramaiah on Monday strongly criticised Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy for ‘perpetrating a lawless, undemocratic, dictatorial and Palegars factionist rule’ on the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Ramaiah asked whether Mr. Nara Lokesh and other TDP leaders had no right to visit and console the family members of the slain Dalit girl Ramya in Guntur. The Chief Minister was acting like a ‘betrayer of Dalits’ and even now he did not bother to come out of his Tadepalli palace to visit the family members of the murdered Dalit girl. Mr. Lokesh had every right to take part in Dalit girl’s last rites and the police had no right to obstruct him.

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader described the police slap on former Minister Nakka Ananda Babu as a slap on the face of the entire Dalit race in the country. The Government should immediately suspend the SP concerned who crossed the boundaries in this respect. Also, five acres of land and a Government job should be given to the bereaved family besides giving them Rs. 1 Cr ex gratia.

Mr. Ramaiah expressed concern that Mr. Jagan Reddy seemed to be looking at the SC, STs as just a vote bank to win the elections but not as human beings who deserved humane treatment. The CM had no heart that was kind enough to take a glimpse of the murdered Dalit girl. Shouldn’t Nara Lokesh and TDP leaders see the body of the SC girl who was murdered in broad daylight in the heart of the city?

The TDP leader said that many suspicions arose when the Home Minister personally stayed at the venue of post mortem of the Dalit girl despite her known record for not coming out during such crimes. It seemed that the Minister was more interested in making the police attack the TDP leaders rather than showing any concern for the poor Dalit family. YSRCP MLC Lella Appi Reddy arrived at the scene with his unruly followers only to create trouble for the TDP leaders. However, the police did not touch Appi Reddy and instead arrested the opposition leaders.

Mr. Ramaiah demanded that the Government unconditionally release the TDP leaders and initiate steps to prevent atrocities against the Dalits in the State. Even at the SC girl’s house, the YSRCP leaders arrived along with miscreants and attacked the visiting TDP leaders. However, the police took action against the TDP leaders even though they did not cause any law and order problem there.

The TDP leader termed it as a matter of shame to the Government and the police since the Dalit girl lost her life despite threats to her life having been brought to the notice of the concerned. Under the regime of Palegars, there was no safety to the lives and property of all sections of the people, especially the weaker sections. Mr. Jagan Reddy came to power with the support of the Dalit vote bank but after coming to power, he was crushing their rights, livelihoods and lives in every possible manner.