Lokesh: CM Jagan gave criminals a ‘licence to kill’


‘Neither Jagan nor gun’ coming to rescue of girl victims
CM’s own sister fearing life threat in AP now
500 atrocities and killings took place till now
YSRCP rowdies attacked TDP leaders at Ramya home

GUNTUR/AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Monday asked the AP Home Minister to explain how their Chief Minister could save the lives of innocent girls in Andhra Pradesh when his own sister was fearing threat to her life in their family’s native Kadapa district.

Mr. Lokesh advised Home Minister Sucharita not to ask ignorant questions like ‘who gave the right to the criminals to murder women’. Ms. Sucharita should realise at least now that it was their Chief Minister who had given license to the miscreants to kill innocent girls.

Mr. Nara Lokesh visited Guntur and paid his last respects to the mortal remains of slain Dalit girl Ramya at their residence. He spoke and consoled the girl’s mother, sister and other family members. Scores of SCs and TDP leaders Nakka Anand Babu, Alapati Rajendra Prasad, Dhulipalla Narendra and others came along with him.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Lokesh sarcastically asked what was happening to the YSRCP leaders’ slogan that ‘Jagan would come before gun’ to prevent any atrocity or killing of girls and women. Now the killings of women were going on unabated but ‘neither Jagan nor gun were anywhere near to prevent the brutal incidents’. The occurrence of Ramya killing on the Independence Day just exposed the total collapse of the law and order in the State.

Mr. Nara Lokesh termed it as an attack on the fundamental rights that the Guntur police dragged away the TDP leaders when they were visiting the slain girl’s family along with him today. Ex Minister Anand Babu, Ex MLA Sravan Kumar and others were dragged away by the police. The YSRCP rowdies were greatly alarmed and they were trying to disrupt the TDP visit to the slaim victim’s family.

Decrying the deterioration of law and order, Mr. Lokesh said it was shameful to CM Jagan that his own sister Sunitha Reddy was fearing life threat and asking for security in the State. How could ordinary women be safe in this State when the CM’s own sister was not safe? A gangrape took place near the Chief Minister’s Tadepalli palace but the culprits were not caught till today. In Jagan Reddy’s own Pulivendula constituency, Dalit woman Nagamma was brutally murdered. Her family did not get justice even now.

Mr. Lokesh recalled how minority girl Hajeera was killed at Gonegandla village in Kurnool district over a year ago. No action was taken till now. Sneha Lata was also mercilessly killed in Anantapuram. Tejaswini was murdered as the criminals slit her throat in Vijayawada. In Narasaraopeta in Guntur district, Anusha was brutally murdered. A criminal cut the neck and killed Vara Lakshmi in Gajuwaka. The Government was sleeping while the criminals were roaming freely with deadly weapons in their hands.

Mr. Nara Lokesh said that over 500 atrocities and killings took place in the State under the YCP regime at the rate of a rape incident every week and a murder every 15 days. The police were not taking any action when the parents of girls were making complaints about harassment. Besides this, the YSRCP leaders and their activists were also resorting to attacks and harassment of women.

Expressing serious concern, Mr. Lokesh said that Ramya’s parents were not financially strong but still they provided for her B.Tech education. The girl was going to complete degree in one year and she had a bright future. But now, she was chased and killed by the miscreant. The Government announced Rs. 10 lakh ex gratia but the CM should explain whether he could bring back the life of Ramya now.

Mr. Lokesh said that the Disha Act remained a non-existent law which had totally failed to save the lives of girls. However, in the name of the Disha Act, Mr. Jagan Reddy gave over Rs. 30 Cr worth advertisements to his own family media. The Disha Act did not help women in any way but it had showered huge monetary benefits for the Jagan family. Not a single woman victim got justice in the past two and half years of Jagan Reddy rule.