TDP urges Rs 1 Cr ex gratia to Pulivendula farmer’s kin


Govt failed to prevent farmers’ suicides: Ex MLA
No support to deceased farmer’s family in CM’s segment
1,000 farmers’ suicides in AP under YCP rule

AMARAVATI: Telugu Desam Party former MLA B.C. Janardhan Reddy on Thursday demanded that the Jaganmohan Reddy Government should take responsibility for the rising crop losses, mounting debts and consequential suicides of the farmers all over the State.

Mr. Janardhan Reddy termed it as ‘shameless’ on the part of the Chief Minister to make tall claims of farmers’ well being at a time when AP came to stand in third place in the farmers’ suicides in the country right now. Mr. Jagan Reddy did not respond even though a farmer named Vijaya Sekhar Reddy committed suicide in his own Pulivendula assembly constituency following rising debts.

Addressing a virtual press conference here, the TDP leader asked why not a single YSRCP leader called on the family members of the deceased Pulivendula farmer. If this was the plight of the farmers in the Chief Minister’s own segment, then there would be no way any support would be given to farmers in the rest of the State. The Government should immediately announce Rs. 1 Cr ex gratia to the family members of late Vijaya Sekhar Reddy.

Mr. Janardhan Reddy said that the ongoing suicides of farmers were clear proof of how the Jaganmohan Reddy regime was totally neglecting the agriculture sector. The so-called Rythu Bharosa Kendras were only causing greater misery and suffering to the farmers. Over 1,000 farmers committed suicide in AP under the YSRCP regime. The CM should explain why he failed to prevent these suicides. Mr. Jagan Reddy won the elections with the farmers’ votes but, after becoming the Chief Minister, he started working against the same farmers who brought him to power.

Mr. Janardhan Reddy deplored that the Sunna Vaddi, Rythu Bharosa, crop insurance and RBKs were not all helping the farmers in any way. They failed to ensure good prices to the farmers during the Coronavirus pandemic. The input subsidy and crop insurance were being paid only to those who got recommended by the YSRCP leaders. Many farmers suffered severe losses as the Chief Minister did not fulfill his promise to pay full premium towards the farmers and the Government’s share.

The TDP leader deplored that the Government was not even paying the arrears to the farmers towards the food grain purchased from them. The TDP regime gave a lot of focus and spent huge funds on the irrigation projects to improve the lot of farmers. But, the Jagan regime ignored the irrigation sector and got ready to fix meters on motors. Just Rs. 7,500 was being given but not Rs. 13,500 as promised by the Chief Minister.

Mr. Janardhan Reddy asserted that the TDP would not keep quiet if the Jagan Reddy Government continued destroying the farmers’ families in the State. The Chief Minister should realise that only when the producers of food were happy, the rest of the people in the State would live happily. As a responsible opposition party, the TDP would carry forward its struggle for getting justice to each and every farmer in the State.