AP roads turning into ‘death traps’: TDP


Govt diverted Rs 20,000 Cr R&B funds: Ex Minister
CM followers given road contracts

AMARAVATI: Former Minister and TDP leader Alapati Rajendra Prasad on Saturday accused the Jaganmohan Reddy Government of ‘totally neglecting’ road repairs all over the State thereby posing a serious threat to road safety and to the lives of the general public.
Mr. Rajendra Prasad said that the High Court of Telangana has recently questioned the Government there whether it would require decades for repairing the roads when people were losing lives in road accidents in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). It seemed the AP Government would not repair the pot-holed, damaged roads all over unless the High Court of Andhra Pradesh too would pass similar strictures sooner or later.

In a statement here, the TDP leader deplored that the condition of roads further deteriorated in view of the rains and floods in different parts of the State. The AP roads turned into death traps due to neglect. But still, the Jagan Reddy regime was least bothered about maintaining these roads in proper condition. Many people were losing their lives in road accidents while their families were being thrown onto the roads due to loss of breadwinners.

Mr. Rajendra Prasad said that the YCP Government owed an explanation to the people why the damaged roads were not being repaired all over the State even though Rs. 20,000 Cr funds were allocated for the R&B department. Was it not a fact that all these multi-crore funds were diverted to other programmes? All sections of people were suffering and facing a variety of existential threats because of the thoughtless policies of the ruling YSRCP leaders.

The TDP leader sarcastically said that the credit for the AP people confining themselves to their homes most of the time for fear of meeting with mishaps on roads would go to the YSRCP leaders. The road repair contracts were given to the Chief Minister’s own and close followers. In the past 26 months of Jagan rule, it was only exposed how the CM’s party leaders were digging graves for the people instead of taking up developmental activities.
Decrying the Government’s indifference, Mr. Rajendra Prasad demanded the Chief Minister to explain what his regime was doing with the funds being collected in the form of road cess. It was partly because of this additional cess that the petrol and diesel rates were far higher when compared to other States. The YS Jagan family was only interested in looting and hoarding that ill-gotten wealth. The CM had shown zero focus on creating infrastructure facilities.

Mr. Rajendra Prasad said that Mr. Jagan Reddy has proved himself to be a successful businessman with his family companies making fast and quick money by leaps and bounds through questionable ways. However, the CM was not showing 10 percent of that cleverness and business acumen to the roads and other development activities in the State. If Mr. Jagan paid a little attention to the people’s needs, the roads would not have slipped into the hopeless condition as they are now.

The TDP leader deplored that the YSRCP rulers did not lay a single new road nor even put a pail of concrete to repair the damaged roads. The Adivasis were suffering greatly for lack of roads for years and decades together in the agency areas. But, the Jagan Reddy regime did not bother about that. However, a very wide road looking like a mini highway was laid by cutting down the trees in the scheduled areas in Visakhapatnam and East Godavari districts.