Dalits unsafe under Raja Reddy Constitution: Lokesh


Calls on late Dr Sudhakar’s family members in Vizag
Dalit doctor killed by ‘Govt attack, not heart attack’
Killings, tonsures, atrocities became common
Dalit Home Minister mum in ‘sadist Reddy’ rule

VISAKHAPATNAM/AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Monday accused the YSRCP Government of causing untold suffering to the weaker sections and backward classes by implementing the ‘faction-driven’ Raja Reddy Constitution in the place of the ‘benevolent’ Ambedkar Constitution.

Mr. Lokesh visited Visakhapatnam and called on the family members of Dalit doctor late Sudhakar and expressed his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. He assured the deceased doctor’s mother all support from the TDP in order to continue their united struggle until justice was done to them and the guilty persons were brought to book.

Lauding the doctor’s mother for her courage in the face of her son’s death, Mr. Nara Lokesh asserted that Dr. Sudhakar did not die a natural death. It was the YCP Government attack that killed the hapless doctor but not heart attack. Just for asking for face mask and PPE kits, the Dalit doctor was hunted down, targetted, beaten up, tonsured, suspended and paraded on the roads of the port city. It was non-stop harassment by the Jagan Reddy Government that killed the doctor.

Mr. Lokesh demanded the Chief Minister to open his mouth on the preliminary report of the CBI which spoke of a deep rooted conspiracy at the highest level to eliminate Dr. Sudhakar. The CBI gave this report on September 2 last year after the High Court of Andhra Pradesh ordered the probe suo motu on June 26 the same year. The Government had put all types of mental and financial harassment to Dr. Sudhakar that eventually led to his death.

Mr. Nara Lokesh asked whether the Dalit Ministers were not condemning the injustice done to their brethren out of fear of victimisation under the ‘sadist Redddy’ regime. Even the Dalit Home Minister was not breaking her silence on the suspicious death of her brother-like Sudhakar. The TDP would surely come to power and take exemplary action against all those officers who were violating the Ambedkar Constitution now.

Decrying the Government mindset, Mr. Lokesh said that many Dalits fell victim to the oppressive Raja Reddy Constitution in the past two years of the anarchic rule. Dalit worker Om Pratap was chased down, targetted, branded as mad and driven to death in the Chittoor district. His only crime was to speak out against the exploitation by the liquor mafia. Dalit villager Vara Prasad was tonsured in the police station itself just for opposing the sand mafia in the East Godavari district. Dalit student Kiran Kumar was beaten to death just for not wearing mask in Chirala. Dalit woman doctor Anitha Kumari was humiliated by taking her photographs while changing clothes in a private room.

Mr. Lokesh asserted that once the TDP would come to power, it would throw the Raja Reddy Constitution into the dust bin and restore the people-friendly Ambedkar Constitution. Like never before, the Jagan rule was slapping the atrocities cases on the SC, ST activists itself. The YSRCP regime was specialising in all sorts of cheap tactics to terrorise and suppress all dissenting voices. They were expecting all people to silently accept their unchecked corruption and mafia activities.

The TDP MLC deplored that even Dr. Sudhakar’s son was also harassed by the police who took away his motorcycle, threatened and teased him and then booked a case against him. CM Jagan should clarify whether it was a crime on the part of Dr. Sudhakar to fight for the safety of the people and fellow doctors at a time of epidemic crisis. The doctor was also financially harassed by suspending him and not giving him salary for the last 14 months. The Government should give Rs. 1 Cr ex gratia and a job to children of the wronged doctor.