preparing DPR to solve the drinking water problem in 39 villages


– Multivillage Scheme for Gudiada Rural and Nandivada Mandals
– Prepare land for project construction on 110 acres
– Minister Kodali Nani orders Revenue and RWS officials

Gudivada, May 20: State Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister Kodali Srivenkateswara Rao (Nani) has said that a detailed project report (DPR) is being prepared to address the drinking water problem in 39 villages in Krishna district’s Gudivada rural and Nandivada Mandals. Minister Kodali Nani discussed the DPR with Gudivada Rural and Nandivada Mandal tehsildars Srinivas, Abdul Rehman Mastan and RWS AE Atuluri Venkateswara Rao at the camp office in Gudivada town on Thursday. On the occasion, RWS AE Atuluri Venkateswara Rao said that 110 acres of land would be required for the construction of the project. The storage tank, balancing reservoirs etc. to be set up are explained here. Mandal tehsildars Srinivas and Abdul Rehman Mastan said the Gudivada Rural Mandal would be suitable for 110 acres of land in the Chilakamoodi area, while the Nandivada Mandal Janardhanapuram village would also be suitable. They also asked to select a suitable area after examining some other areas. Meanwhile, Gudivada Rural Mandal Guntakoduru, Serigolvepalli, Dintakurru, Moturu, Parnasa and Kalvapudi Agraharam villages are facing drinking water problems through alternative means.

He also said that drinking water problems were continuing in almost all the villages in the Nandivada Mandal and all measures were being taken to address the problems in the Mandal as well. In both the Mandals there are fish and prawn ponds near the fresh water ponds, the water from these ponds is being discharged into the canals and the same water is being refilled in the fresh water ponds. Under these circumstances, Minister Kodali Nani focused on providing clean drinking water to nearly 60,000 people in 39 villages in Gudivada Rural and Nandivada Mandals.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Kodali Nani said, “We are preparing a multivillage scheme to supply clean water to villages and suburbs in Gudivada Rural and Nandivada Mandals.” Revenue officials have been directed to collect 110 acres of land for this. Land acquisition will be done in a suitable area for the two Mandals, where 100 feet high overhead balancing reservoirs, storage tank, treatment plant, rapid sand filters, pump house, chlorination plant etc. will be constructed. The drinking water required for a population of 60,000 will be cleaned in one place and sent to protected fresh water schemes in villages in the two Mandals through pipelines. From there drinking water will be supplied to every household in the villages. He said there would be no need to consume contaminated water due to fish and shrimp ponds. He said a permanent solution to the drinking water problem would be found, especially in the summer. Minister Kodali Nani said the multivillage scheme is being designed to meet the drinking water needs of the people in the two Mandals for the next 50 years.