TDP decries ‘false case’ filed against Lokesh


Govt made it a habit to implicate TDP leaders: Kalava
Attack on TDP man prompted by YCP MLA only

AMARAVATI: Former Minister and TDP Politburo Member Kalava Srinivasulu on Saturday slammed the Jaganmohan Reddy Government for filing a ‘false case’ against TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh just for making a comment on social media.

Mr. Srinivasulu asserted that it was at the instance of YCP MLA Kapu Ramachandra Reddy only that some miscreants attacked TDP social media representative Maruti. The TDP was strongly believing this. The continuing filing of fabricated cases against Lokesh and others would not terrify the TDP leaders as they would continue to question the oppressive actions of the ruling party leaders.

In a statement here, Mr. Srinivasulu said that some unwanted elements formed a vicious circle and started looting the public resources in the Rayadurnam assembly constituency limits. It had become a habit for them to attack all those who would question their illegal activities. Most alarmingly, they were implicating the innocent public in false cases.

The TDP leader asked how the police could file the case against Mr. Lokesh when he had only given his comment on the Maruti attack incident. The arrogant and power-hungry YCP leaders were misusing the police machinery to perpetrate their political vendetta without any shame. The TDP leaders would not be terrified by these false cases and they would continue to fight on behalf of the people.

Mr. Srinivasulu said that they would soon expose sensational details about how the YCP leaders were plundering the public resources in the D. Hirehal mandal. The TDP would fight back the gangsters and hooligans belonging to the ruling party MLA there. Their unchecked corruption would be exposed in full in the coming days.