Lokesh slams CM for ‘playing with’ lives of students


Covid victims collapsing on roads due to lack of hospital beds
Queue lines at cremation grounds for last rites to loved ones

AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Wednesday demanded Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy to explain to the people whether his Government was correct to hold the examinations when there was a Coronavirus danger to the students’ lives.

Mr. Lokesh strongly objected to the Chief Minister talking about the future of the students at a time when their lives were coming under threat at the examination centres and during transportation. It was unfortunate that the Government was adamant without realising the fact that the ordinary public were dropping dead on account of the deadly epidemic infections.

In a statement here, the TDP MLC referred to how the mortuaries were overflowing with the dead bodies of the virus victims on the one hand while there were queue lines at the cremation grounds for performing last rites. There were increasing instances where the patients were losing their lives while waiting for an oxygen bed outside the hospitals and on the roadsides. There was nobody coming forward to create confidence among the people.

Mr. Lokesh asserted that it proved by now amply clear that Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy was indeed a ‘Kamsa’ who was notorious for targetting the life of his own nephew. This Chief Minister was playing dangerous games with the lives of innocent students and their parents. Even the lives of teachers were being jeopardised and already many of them had lost their lives following infections. This Government had no respect for the teaching profession going by how they were made to wait and keep vigil at the liquor shops in the past.

Mr. Nara Lokesh asserted that it was extremely adamant on the part of CM Jagan Reddy to go ahead with the examinations without considering the fact that all other States had postponed or cancelled the 10th class examinations already. What would be the use of holding examinations when it became a matter of life and death for the students? The YCP rulers were proving again and again how blindly arrogant they were in matters of public importance.

Accusing the Government of negligence, Mr. Lokesh deplored that the faction CM’s adamant attitude was posing a huge danger to over 15 lakh students. There were no ambulances coming to shift the victims to the hospitals. Even if the patients were taken to the hospitals, there were no beds available. It was utter inefficiency on the part of the YCP rulers to have pushed Andhra Pradesh into a dangerous Covid crisis.

Mr. Lokesh warned the Jagan Reddy regime of dire consequences and that it would have to pay a heavy penalty if it continued to show utter disregard for the precious lives of the people. The Government should create confidence before making any attempts to hold the examinations. The infrastructure should be upgraded and necessary awareness created to save the people’s lives.