Why is the state govt so lax on the provision of oxygen & essential medicines?


Many are dying due to lack of oxygen and medicines 
One can hide the count of Corona deaths, but can anybody hide the tears of the families of victims?
Our state should not turn into Rome and our rulers should not turn into Nero’s heirs?

Unsavoury incidents such as Corona patients in Vizianagaram Maharaja Hospital dying due to lack of oxygen supply…and patients in Visakhapatnam hospital dying due to lack of sufficient beds break our hearts. There is shortage of oxygen when one is going to the hospitals to save their lives.  It is unfortunate that lives are being lost due to shortage of oxygen and the government is lackadaisical even when life-saving drug Remedisvor is being sold in the black market for lakhs of rupees. How can the poor and common man save himself when each injection is being sold at Rs 40,000? Oxygen is not being supplied adequately to the hospitals in the state. Many lives have been lost due lack of adequate beds and oxygen even in the Vijayawada government hospital. Though the government boasts that it has ensured thousands of ambulances, it is unable to use them to take the patients to hospitals in time. The relatives of the patients are alleging that it was of no use making several calls for an ambulance.  It was announced that special officers were appointed for the supply of Remidesivor injections and oxygen. The government is not bothered even when people are complaining that the special officers are not functioning properly. Then what is the use in appointing the officers?  Efforts should be made to conduct an emergency audit on the demand, supply and utilisation of oxygen. Steps should be taken to stop the hoarding of medicines. Official estimates show that one person is dying due to Corona once in every 20 minutes. Grass-roots information reveals that the death toll is even more. Officials are disclaiming the reports of deaths due to shortage of oxygen and also disputing the reports coming from the crematoria. The government can hide the reports of Corona deaths…but can it stop the tears of families of Corona victims? The government is making statements of providing Internet to every household and providing goats and sheep to women while there is a surge in Corona deaths in the state.

It should realise that it’s not just Internet or sheep that the people need but medicines and oxygen to save them from Corona. Chief Minister Sri Jagan Reddy should prove that the rulers are not the heirs of Nero and our state is not Rome by focusing on curbing Corona. The government and save the Class X and Intermediate first year students by cancelling the examinations due to the prevalence of the pandemic.

• Steps should be taken to solve the problems of medical staff and the nurses

One should hail the services being rendered by the medical and health staff at the hospitals to the Corona patients. The limited staff is doing yeoman service even as there is a surge in the number of patients. They are working as Frontline Warriors despite several odds. The doctors and the nurses are facing several problems at the government hospitals due to lack of basic amenities. The medical and health department should take special measures on t he isuue.

Pawan Kalyan,
President,Janasena Party