Action should be taken against the YCP leaders


Action should be taken against the YCP leaders for illegally bringing outsiders into Tirupati parliament
Peddireddy should be removed from the ministry for code violation
-Chandrababu Naidu

Amaravati: Telugudesam National President and Leader of the Opposition held a press conference from his Undavalli residence on the atrocities of the ruling party YSRCP in the Tirupati by-election polling. He said….. All parties participated in the Tirupati Parliament by-elections and have brought to the notice of the Election Commission the wrongdoings of the YCP. The Election Commission has said that 2,200 Central Forces, 800 micro-observers and webcams will be installed in each booth after Telugudesam lodges a complaint. The Election Commission did not take any action despite the YCP committing the attacks. Hundreds of people are moving in buses and cars. Women from other areas were brought in to cast votes illegally.

We caught hundreds of people red-handed when voting fraudulently. Check posts are usually set up at the constituency boundaries where elections are held and tight security is put in place. But today it has not happened anywhere. How did the police allow so many thousands of vehicles? Why the check posts were removed at border areas? Why did the Central Observers ignore the fact that since this morning all the political parties have been catching people coming to steal ballots? Why anyone of YCP leaders is unable to answer to BJP leader Shanta Reddy about fraudulent casting of votes? Husbands are unable to tell their wives names and as fathers to their sons, who came to cast votes illegally and fled when caught. Where would the police as thousands of people staying at the PLR Convention Center belonging to Peddireddy Ramachandrareddy? The TDP leaders who questioned were illegally arrested. Where is Justice and Dharma.? Is this what it means to preserve democracy? The police are working for Jagan Reddy who is enforcing Rajareddy constitution. Telugudesam leaders are arrested for catching and handing over the fraudulent voters to the police. BJP, Congress and the Communists are all fighting.

Democracy was ridiculed and annihilated in a way that resembled bandits. This should be noticed by all the people. Should Tirupati be destroyed with these maniacal gangs? Police, volunteers and YCP leaders colluded and turned the elections into a farce. Wouldn’t the authorities feel ashamed if voters questioned what happened to our votes? Although Peddireddy Ramachandrareddy was not a local, he stayed and held a press meet in Tirupati. Why are there ministers in the Tirupati parliamentary constituency radius? The police are behaving as if they are henchmen of the ruling party. Is this the democracy?. While all political parties are trying to preserve democracy, the YCP is behaving differently. YCP leaders hope people will believe whatever they do.

School and college buses illegally brought voters to Tirupati. Everyone noticed the manner in which Chandragiri SI created havoc and ruckus by arresting innocents without catching the real culprits. Telugudesam leaders are fighting from early hours of the today. Why the police system is weakened? Why does the Election Commission not care? The CEC must respond to the anarchy being perpetrated by the YCP. Police and polling staff are behaving unilaterally.

A woman who has worked at the centre for 10 years and won 4 times as an MLA caught the culprits but the police do not care. If the Central Election Commission is behaving like the State Election Commission, to whom should the opposition parties will tell? We strongly condemn the YCP anarchic acts. This government machinery has completely fallen. It is difficult to conduct elections with such a mechanism. We will provide the CEC with video evidences of the misdeeds committed by the YCP. In view of all this, we demand that the Tirupati elections be cancelled and re-elections be held with the Central Force. Elections should be conducted entirely under the supervision of the centre to safeguard justice.

There was abuse of power in all parliamentary constituencies. Volunteers, police are acting actively at jagan’s will. Re-poll should be held where necessary. However, elections in Tirupati constituency should be cancelled and re-elected. The Center should take action against the officers who have committed abuse of power. There are atrocities committed by the YCP before the eyes of the people. The onus is on the Election Commission to uphold the law. It does not make sense to the election commission to sing YCP song without taking action against people who have violated the law. Elections should be held democratically. TDP MPs in Delhi will jointly lodge a complaint with the Election Commission over the misdeeds committed by the ruling party in Tirupati. Yet the Election Commission must do justice. Consider the facts and make decisions accordingly. Tough decisions need to be made to increase confidence in the electoral community.

The fraudulent voters who came to cast votes are hesitant when questioning. They are worried that they are doing something wrong. YCP leaders are committing crimes by forcing the commoners. Such incidents have never happened in the history of AP. Democrats need to defend democracy. How can Peddireddy Ramachandrareddy show an affidavit to violate the election code? Such a person is ineligible to be a minister. He should be removed from the ministry immediately. Peddireddy is not ashamed of his work.

Thousands attended the public meeting and wedding. The onus is on the Election Commission to instil confidence in voters. Tirupati voters will have the right to vote till 7 pm. Voters should demand a challenge vote if their vote casted in advance when they go to the center. Then the number of stolen votes will be revealed. If the real voters do not exercise their right to vote, the thieves will have the upper hand. Everyone must move forward together to preserve democracy. If the wicked are not controlled we will have to lose the rights given to us by the Constitution.