Swayamsevaks rushed to help injured


In a major mishap, the spectator gallery at the Kabaddi stadium in Suryapet collapsed, taking hundreds of spectators down while a national tournament was on. The incident happened on March 22 during the inauguration of the National Junior Kabaddi Championship.

Hundreds of spectators were injured and police and paramedical staff rushed those severely injured to the local Area hospital.
When RSS Swayamsevaks heard about the accident, they responded immediately and reached the hospital. As there was a traffic jam at the hospital with anxious relatives rushing there, Swayamsevaks stepped in and helped in regulating the traffic. Some more Swayamsevaks carried the injured on stretchers to the second floor of the hospital.

As the relatives were not available for some of the grievously injured, Swayamsevaks shifted them to private hospitals and ensured that they got timely care. They supplied water bottles, biscuit packets and fruits to the hapless families of the victims.