Dr.Sravan Dasoju Dares KTR for an Open Debate on Employment Issues


•         Fixes the Debate location at Telangana Martyrs Memorial on Friday Noon
•         Dr Sravan slams the minister for betraying 40 lakh unemployed youth in the state
•         Criticizes the shameless attitude of KTR who misleads youth on recruitment numbers

Hyderabad, February 24, 2021: AICC National Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju on Wednesday fired KT Rama Rao, Minister for Industries, IT and Municipal Administration, for his misleading statements regarding the recruitment of about 1.32 lakh jobs in Telangana. Differing on the Minister’s claims, the senior Congress Party leader invited KTR for an open debate for discussing the original jobs provided by the government, existing vacancies available in the Government and also in the private sector. Dr Sravan fixes the venue, time and date for the same.

While criticizing the attitude of KTR, who has been deliberately ignoring the aspirations of millions of Telangana agitators and insulting the sacrifices of over 1,500 Martyrs, Dr Sravan asked KTR to accept his challenge to debate on the sensitive and most important issues of Telangana. “We are not idiots to believe in your shameless, useless and falsified statements. You must come along with your team on Friday (26th) at 12 noon to Telangana Martyrs Memorial at Gunpark with facts of recruitment numbers, current vacancies available”, he dares KTR. Dr Sravan addressed the media at Gandhi Bhavan today.

According to the AICC leader, there are about 40 lakh unemployed youth in Telangana and more than 3 lakh jobs currently vacant in the Government itself. He said that the government did nothing in the last 7 years to any segment, especially to the unemployed youth, Graduates and even the government employees who are eagerly waiting to get a new PRC when their counterparts received 27% PRC in Andhra Pradesh.

Warning that the Graduates will teach a lesson to the TRS party in the MLC elections as KCR, KTR are only filling up their family jobs and ignoring lakhs of unemployed graduates in the state. “When your sister Kavitha cannot survive without a job, how do you think these many youngsters can live without a proper job or self employment? After all, it is the fundamental responsibility of any government to provide jobs to its citizens”, Dr Sravan slammed.

Reminding the core pillars of the Telangana movement – Water, Grants and Employment – Dr Sravan asked KTR to disclose the total number of vacancies as of 2014, new jobs created as new Panchayats are created, new Districts are formed and the implementation of 610 GO. He further criticized KTR for making noise only due to MLC elections and is trying to mislead the graduates by divulging doctored data of jobs created in the state. Regularizing 22,000 plus TS Genco, Transco employees is one of the best examples of deceptive statements of the minister, he explains.

“Your own Biswal Commission report says that 1.91 lakh jobs are currently vacant in the Government. Your father said that there won’t be any contract jobs in Telangana. But, you are neither appointing new employees, nor filling up existing vacancies. And, you are not even protecting the rights of private employees when Narayana, Chaitanya, Gayathri groups suddenly removed about 10,000 to 15,000 qualified and experienced lectures”, Dr Sravan criticized.

Pointing out the failures of the TRS government, Dr Sravan lamented that the ITIR project which was crafted during the UPA government aimed at providing 50 lakh jobs by attracting Rs 2.5 lakh crore investments in Hyderabad is lost due to the inability of KTR who betrayed the Telangana youth and IT professionals. “It requires only Rs 13,000 Crore investments and 50,000 acres of land which has already been identified during the Congress party government in Andhra Pradesh. Can’t your father spend Rs 13,000 Crore out of Rs 4 lakh crore debts, taken for receiving commissions in the name of projects like Kaleshwaram, for the benefit of 50 lakh sons of the soil?”, he asked.(Ends)