YCP tried to undermine election process: Lokesh


Murders, kidnaps, election offences committed indiscriminately

Inducements offered for forced unanimous elections

AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Wednesday said that the ruling YCP has attacked and undermined the constitutional institutions in the State as it feared public resentment if a free and fair panchayat election was held.

Lokesh recalled how the ongoing elections were eventually being held only after the intervention of the courts. The Chief Minister, his Ministers and MLAs have tried everything they could to stall the democratic process of polls. In the process, they launched unprecedented attacks on the established systems and institutions without any respect for the constitution.

In a statement here, Mr. Nara Lokesh condemned the manner in which the ruling YCP leaders ‘misused’ the Government machinery and the police to indulge in election excesses. Murders were committed, kidnappings were reported and nomination papers of the Opposition candidate were torn. The properties of the rival candidates were being torched. The ruling party used arm twisting methods to sabotage the elections.

Lokesh accused the YCP of using inducements and threats to cause forced unanimous elections. Even then, the contesting candidates courageously fought back and remained in the fray. The TDP would salute all those who had boldly stood up against the YCP oppression and won in the elections.

Stating that the CM had no values, Mr. Nara Lokesh asserted that the YCP was an unprincipled party without any commitment to the well being of the people. In the past 20 months of its rule, it became clear that the YCP was a fake party that had come to power by making fake promises to the people. However, in less than two years, the people have proved in these panchayat elections that ‘one chance’ given to Jagan in 2019 was his ‘lash chance’.

Lokesh said that the TDP was a disciplined party that was born out of the hearts of the people. It was totally different from the YCP which was born in the house of Mr. Jagan Reddy who was prime accused in several cases of illegal assets and corruption.