TDP demands white paper on Minister Peddireddy’s activities


Peddireddy doesn’t deserve a name like ‘Ramachandra Reddy’, says Anuradha
Chittoor completely destroyed under Peddireddy dictatorship

AMARAVATI: TDP General Secretary Panchumarthy Anuradha on Wednesday strongly criticised Panchayat Raj Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy for his ‘threats and arm twisting tactics’ to prevent the rival woman candidates from contesting in the panchayat elections in the Chittoor district.

Ms. Anuradha demanded the Minister to come out with a white paper on all his activities in the past 20 months. While Nara Lokesh helped usher in a lot of development in his time as Panchayat Raj minister, Peddireddy has reversed that trend and destroyed Chittoor with his dictatorial tendencies.

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said that over 6 lakh farm ponds were dug up during the TDP rule but the YCP has not developed one singe farm pond till now. The only dubious achievement of the YCP was that it painted its party colours to the panchayat buildings that were constructed during the TDP regime. The ruling party leaders were only busy amassing their ill-gotten wealth.

Ms. Anuradha said that Mr. Nara Lokesh ensured laying of cement roads for over 23,000 kms but Peddireddy has done nothing in this respect except getting a road only for his guest house. Forgetting that he was a Minister, Peddireddy was using abusive language against women. His comments on Punganur TDP incharge Aneesha Reddy were condemnable. The Minister would not deserve to be called ‘Ramachandra Reddy’ as his name should be changed to ‘Peddireddy Ravanasura Reddy’.

Stating that the Minister created widespread fears, Ms. Anuradha deplored that the women of all communities were afraid to come forward to file nominations because of Peddireddy’s threats. Everybody in the Chittoor district knew about the vicious track record of the Minister. Aneesha Reddy’s family has contributed a lot for the development of the district. Peddireddy family became a curse on the Chittoor district.

Ms. Anuradha pointed out that Peddireddy had no respect for the weaker sections and backward classes leaders. He had insulted Deputy Chief Minister Narayana Swamy.

Peddireddy had no culture which was evident from how he compared the State Election Commission to cattle. The Minister was indirectly responsible for the death of Om Pratap. Only out of fear of defeat that Peddireddy was using abusive language against the TDP leaders.