Cyberabad Police Drivers Briefed On Driving Safety Rules


With the instructions of Commissioner Of Police, Cyberabad VC Sajjanar, IPS.,  Cyberabad Traffic DCP SM Vijay Kumar, IPS., conducted a training session to brief Cyberabad Police Drivers on vehicle driving rules on Tuesday at Cyberabad Police Commissionerte.

Addressing the participants in the training session SM Vijay Kumar, IPS said, “This training session was conductedwith  an objective to increase awareness on proper driving skills’’. He further said, ‘’We as officers need to be accurate in delivery of our services so, that when we are on the grounds people should listen to us.”

“In 2017 the government of India had released a module on driving rules it is essential that each one of you sitting here should be aware of those rules. While driving you should follow the ‘ABC’ theory which implies the use accelerator, brakes and clutch while driving to ensure that vehicles are being driven in a proper way. Use of helmets, wearing of seat belts while driving or sitting in the car and not driving the vehicle while being drunk is some of the rules which is to be followed by each one of you sitting here without a second thought” he added.

Adding futher he said, “We shall continue with this training in association with Street Wise Driving School (SDS) which throws light total International driving standards will be training each one of you with a compulsory 6 hours theory training and 14 hours of practical training complete 20 hours training. Rule based driving should be inculcated and learnt to enforce safety rules on the streets. It is mandatory that each one of you should be aware of the 40 rules of driving module of Government of India. Towards the end SM Vijay Kumar, IPS thanked all the stake holders for the participation in the programme and urged the participants to make full use of the training.

The participants in Rules based Driving School to the MT Drivers of Police Commissionerate are Traffic DCP S.M. Vijay Kumar, IPS., ADCP Crimes I Kavitha, Street Wise Driving School Owner Mr. Malcolm Wolfe, Mr. S. Adi Shankar (Trainer), Mr. Laveen Balerao (Trainer) CTC Inspector Nageshwar Reddy, MTO RI Venkata Swamy and Police Personnels presented.