TDP decries raw deal to sanitary staff


Pay salary arrears with interest: MLA letter to CM
Take back removed workers into jobs
Pay Rs. 50 lakh ex gratia to victims of virus

AMARAVATI: TDP Repalle MLA Anagani Satya Prasad on Friday demanded the YCP Government to immediately pay all the salary arrears with interest to the sanitary workers who risked their lives to save the lives of the people at the height of the Coronavirus epidemic infections.

In a letter written to Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy here, the TDP MLA recalled how the sanitary workers strove hard as front line warriors right from the day the first infection case was recorded in Andhra Pradesh. Instead of encouraging them, the Government has ruthlessly avoided paying them salaries for many months. The time has come that those arrears be paid urgently and also they should be given health allowances for their exemplary work rendered during the epidemic period.

Mr. Satya Prasad said that at many places in the State, the sanitary workers were not even given proper personal protection equipment (PPEs) but they worked night and day to protect the health of the general public. If the towns and villages were clean enough now, it was because of the hard work of these workers in the field level. Very unfortunately, they did not receive salaries for many months despite their good work braving the infections. Whereas, the contractors were getting their payments and bills promptly and without any cuts.

The TDP MLA stressed the need for the Government to recognise the services rendered by the sanitary workers on a part with others. The promised Rs. 50 lakh compensation should be paid to the families of the sanitary workers who died while working during the Coronavirus infections period.

Mr. Satya Prasad criticised the YCP regime for not taking back the 20 percent sanitary staff who were removed from work after the rate of Covid-19 infections came down. All these workers were taken to save the public lives during the height of the infections and they had rendered tireless services. They were now struggling hard to lead their lives with their families for lack of a job. They were paid just Rs. 4,000 per month. After being thrown out of work, they were stuck in debts now. They should be taken back into work and they should be assured job security.

Accusing the Government of treating field level staff very badly, the TDP MLA deplored that the school keepers were not getting their salaries for over four months. Their monthly salary was also just Rs. 4,000. It would not be correct to keep their salaries pending.