Naidu call for preventing unanimous elections


YCP trying to use threats and intimidation

Contesting candidates should fearlessly fight

AMARAVATI: TDP National President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday asserted that there was a rising public discontent among all sections of society in Andhra Pradesh against the ‘unconstitutional and oppressive’ policies of the Jaganmohan Reddy Government.

Mr. Naidu called upon the contesting candidates and the party leaders to put up a strong fight without fearing about the threats or intimidation that were being used by the ruling YCP leaders. Nominations should be filed in a free and peaceful atmosphere in order to protect the constitution and the vibrant Indian democracy.

Addressing a meeting with the party leaders whose panchayats are going to the polls in the first phase, the TDP chief said that the constitutional crisis prevailing in AP right now has triggered a nationwide debate. The State Government’s attack on the State Election Commission had attracted wide and critical attention. There was also severe resentment against the violence and destruction being resorted to by the YCP in the local polls.

Mr. Naidu said that in the local body polls held in March last year, the ruling party created terror and made attacks on the opposition candidates. Like never before, over 25 percent of the seats were announced as unanimous under very suspicious circumstances. Even the Supreme Court has said that there was lawlessness in AP because of the ego battle that was going on between two institutions.

Mr. Naidu said that there was no need to fear the YCP atrocities and the TDP would continue to put up a stiff fight. Instead of correcting themselves, the YCP leaders were making baseless counter allegations against the TDP. The SEC has taken action against two top officials who have resorted to transgressions in the election process. He has ordered these violations to be entered into the service records of the officers concerned. The SEC has ordered for the transfer of these officials.

Mr. Naidu asked the contesting candidates to get prepared with all the necessary certificates to file the nominations. The TDP has requested the SEC to arrange for getting caste, no dues and nativity certificates online. On the first day itself, the maximum number of candidates should file the nominations. Even if there are some technical problems, they could be rectified later.

The TDP chief told the party leaders to take photos and videos whenever any ruling party leader tried to pick up arguments or make attacks. Written complaints should be made to the Returning Officers and to the party office also. A 24-hour control room has been set up at the TDP office. The legal cell would be ready to provide all information on the election process.