Do not fall trap to Honeytrap Frauds-V.C. Sajjanar,IPS.


Public Advised not to attend Video Calls from Unknown numbers

During this Lockdown, gangsters from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan have come up with a new way to cheat innocents & blackmail them. The accused makes video calls on Whatsapp and if one response they undress and lure the victim. Once the victim falls prey to their bait, they record the nude video and threaten them of posting the videos in social media accounts or Youtube, if the victim fails to pay the ransom demanded by the fraudsters. This kind of fraud is commonly found in online dating platforms and video call services, which have seen a surge in users during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Generally, these crooks collect the victim’s contact details from various dating applications and using those details they identify their social media accounts, their friends & family members details. In most of the cases they target reputed and financially sound people who can afford to pay the ransom.

During the lockdown, few cases were reported. But later also cases are getting reported but many cases are also not getting reported to Police because of social stigma and fear.


In view of the above, citizens are requested

  • Not to fall into the trap of fraudsters by attending video calls from Unknown number

Do not  attend Video Calls from Unknown numbers.

  • Not to post personal details in online dating applications.
  • Not to use any dating application.
  • If you are a Victim please lodge a complaint on the website: