Shall we lose lives for just asking to resolve the sanitation issue in the village?

  • Suicide of Janasena Party worker Sri BandlaVengaiah Naidu, who questioned Giddaluru MLA, is so painful
  • Ruling party shall own responsibility for the suicide
  • It is evidence for YCP’s dictatorial rule

It is the most unfortunate thing that the situation turned up where Sri BandlaVengaiah Naidu has taken his life for just questioning the MLA about the severe sanitation issue in his village, no proper roads and what asking about other facilities in the village.  Janasena worker Sri Vengaiah Naidu has questioned the local legislator, Sri Anna Rambabu, about the poor sanitation, improper roads and lack of other facilities in Singarapalli village in Giddalur constituency of Prakasam district and asked when they will be resolved. MLA Sri Rambabu, who is unable to give proper answer started throwing abuses asking him to  “remove your party scarf around your neck” using unparliamentarily language which people of the state have witnessed his foul language in social media platforms and media.  The MLA has threatened the youth, who questioned him in public and we received information that later pressures put on him through his party leaders in different ways.  It pained me after knowing that Sri Vengaiah Naidu committed suicide today morning. I extend my deepest sympathies to his family members and his soul may rest in peace. The party will provide all support to the family of Sri Vengaiah Naidu.

  • Criminal cases must be booked against MLA and his followers

Questioning the MLA raising his voice on behalf of the people for facilities in the village, is it the mistake of Sri Vengaiah Naidu? He did not question for facilities for him, since he spoke on behalf of all the people. Why his voice created fear for the ruling party MLA. Only with that fear, the ruling party began to suppress the voice of Sri Vengaiah Naidu the moment when he raised the question. The attitude of MLA, who shall be responsible, is objectionable. Shall people lose lives for just asking about the minimum facilities in the village? It shows the dictatorial rule of YCP. The concerned MLA shall introspect himself that what is the use of holding the MLA post when he failed to provide minimum facilities to the people of the constituency. A thorough enquiry has to be ordered on the death of Sri Vengaiah Naidu and the ruling party has to own the responsibility for the suicide. Criminal cases have to be registered against MLA Sri Rambabu and his followers for threatening him and abetting him to commit suicide.