Naidu decries torching of Jilani Baba dargah


Criminal gangs going out of control

Gangsters crossing limits with CM and ministers support

AMARAVATI: TDP chief and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has condemned the burning of the Jilani Baba dargah at Nagireddypalli village in Chittoor district.

Mr Naidu termed it as an atrocious to torch the dargah where the worshippers have been holding the Urs every year for the last 30 years. The Government has failed to take action in the two incidents of the torching of the sacred temple chariots.

In a statement here, the TDP chief said that the misreants and criminal gangs were rearing their ugly heads with support from the Chief Minister and the Ministers. If the government had taken action in the first incident itself, the situation would not have slipped out of hands now. The gangsters were crossing all limits.

Mr Naidu demanded the government to shed its negligent attitude and start respecting the sentiments of the devotees. The culprits involved in the dargah burning should be brought to book. All stringent should be taken to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

Mr Naidu deplored that the Government was solely busy taking vindictive action against the Opposition leaders and filing false cases. There was no focus at all to ensure the law and order now. During the TDP regime, immediate action was taken when a place of worship was attacked at Tadepalligudem. Strong action was taken to prevent repetition of such incidents.