YCP destroyed jobs and future of AP youth: Naidu


Calls for Swami Vivekananda inspiration for youth power

TDP chief extends National Youth Day greetings

AMARAVATI: TDP National President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday extended his heartfelt greetings and wished for the bright future of the young generation on the occasion of the National Youth Day being celebrated across the country today.

Mr. Naidu stressed the need for the AP youth to rise to the inspirational call given by Swami Vivekananda whose birthday was being celebrated as the youth day in the country. The youth should emerge stronger and strive for building an efficient society to make the dreams of the Swamiji come true. It was the youth who would be the foundation for the future strength and progress of Andhra Pradesh.

In a statement here, the TDP chief said that in the united AP State, hundreds of engineering colleges were set up. The Telugu youth made rapid strides in the IT sector all over the world. Even in the residual Andhra Pradesh, the TDP regime strove hard for creating 30 lakh jobs for the youth by attracting Rs. 16 lakh Cr investments in all the 13 districts. In a short period, AP emerged as an attractive destination for global investments.

Mr. Naidu recalled how in just five years, 10 lakh jobs were created newly in the residual AP by attracting Rs. 10 lakh Cr worth investments. Whereas, in the last 19 months, all the positive investment climate in AP was destroyed. The ruling party pushed the State into darkness with zero development. AP was drowned in debts and loans. The multi-crore investments brought by the TDP were driven away. The companies had also run away from the State.

Stating that the youth welfare programmes were also scrapped, Mr. Naidu deplored that the YCP Government had systematically destroyed the jobs and the golden future of the AP youth. Even the self-employment opportunities were taken away. The ruling party had ditched the youth totally by not implementing any of its promises. Mr. Naidu deplored that the ‘Government terrorism’ had struck fear in the hearts of all sections of the society. False cases were filed and thousands of youth were imprisoned unlawfully. The social media activists were implicated in wrong cases. Hundreds of places of worship came under attack, which was not seen before in the 67-year history of the State. The people had never ever seen such a vindictive and arrogant regime before.

The TDP chief asked why the Government was not taking action when atrocities were being committed on the BC, SC, ST and Muslim Minorities. All democratic institutions were coming under attack. The legislature, the judiciary, the courts, administrative machinery, the media and all constitutional institutions came under an unprecedented attack. At such a hopeless juncture, the youth should shoulder the responsibility to put the State back on the track.

Mr. Naidu underscored the need for the youth to work towards a society devoid of violence, hatred and vengeful actions. A self-dependent and strong youth would pave the way for a the bright future and prosperity of the State. Like Swami Vivekananda said, the AP youth should become strong with muscles of iron and nerves of steel and with a great determination.