Jagan Reddy a ‘betrayer of farmers’, says Chandrababu Naidu


1,779 farmers committed suicides in one and half years

Naidu calls for burning YCP’s anti-farmer GOs in Bhogi fires

AMARAVATI: TDP National President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday slammed the YCP Government for pursuing anti-farmer policies in the past one and half years that eventually led to suicides of over 1,779 farmers in Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Naidu deplored that Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy came to power by making tall promises but after winning the elections he had turned into a ‘betrayer of farmers’. In the YCP regime, the suicides of farmers and agriculture coolies went up by 55 percent.

Addressing a video conference with party coordinator and incharges for the parliamentary and assembly segments, the TDP chief deplored that the Chief Minister was behaving cruelly towards the Amaravati farmers and coolies who have been agitating in the streets for nearly 400 days. The CM committed a breach of trust to the Capital City farmers and coolies who had given valuable, ancestral lands. Over 30,000 Amaravati families had no choice but to take part in prolonged protests due to lack of income, livelihood and crops.

Mr. Naidu called for burning the anti-farmer GOs of Jagan regime in the Bhogi bonfires that would be organised as part of the Sankranti festival celebrations. The farmers should burn all the GOs relating to the fixing of motors on farm pumpsets, Sunna Vaddi scheme, caste based division of cultivators and diversion of zero budget natural farming funds. This Sankranti should big goodbye to all the problems of the farmers.

Mr. Naidu expressed concern that the farmers had suffered heavy losses in AP because of 7 consecutive natural calamities. They could not get either crop insurance or input subsidy. Over Rs. 2,700 Cr dues towards foodgrain purchased by the Government were kept pending. The discoloured paddy in the heavy rains was not be purchased at the Government centres. The middlemen were walking away with all the benefits. The farmers were badly exploited.

The TDP chief said that even now, the tomato crop was thrown on the roads in Kurnool district on account of lack of remunerative price. There was nobody to buy kilo tomato at 30 paise. Banana rate has fallen from Rs. 8,000 per tonne to Rs. 2,000. On the one hand, there was no support price for the harvest. On the other hand, there was not even compensation for the damage crops.

The TDP chief appealed to the party cadres to celebrate NTR’s death anniversary on January 18 in every village. Rich tributes should be paid to the party founder who brought international recognition to the greatness of Telugu people. The ‘legendary blood donation camp’ should be a big success.

Mr. Naidu said that the Jagan regime had promised to pay Rs. 12,500 under Rythu Bharosa but eventually paid only half of it. The ruling party was cheating the farmers to the tune of Rs. 21,000 Cr in five years. Over Rs. 8,000 Cr under 4th and 5th loan waiver schemes was not being paid. For the sake of bringing heavy loans, huge burdens were placed on farmers and poor families. The Government was also trying to wash its hands of free current by fixing meters on the farm motors.