How Long Should the Original Beneficiaries Wait for their Turn?


 : AICC Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju Demands for a Deadline on Flood Relief Funds distribution!

* Dr Sravan Criticizes CM KCR for not keeping his promise on relief funds distribution

* Asks the CS and GHMC Commissioner to upload the list of beneficiaries on the website

*Looters of Hyderabad Flood Relief Funds Should be Sent Behind the Bars: Dr Sravan Dasoju

* He thanked the Hon’ble High Court of Telangana for accepting his letter on massive irregularities in flood relief funds distribution as a PIL

Hyderabad, January 06, 2020: AICC Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju criticizes Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao for not keeping his promise made in a public meeting just days before the GHMC elections that the government would continue to distribute flood relief funds to last number of beneficiary in Hyderabad from December 07, 2020. However, even after a month after the announcement, there is no such activity seen happening in that direction, he lamented. The senior Congress Party leader asked the government for a deadline to complete the flood relief funds distribution to the beneficiaries in Hyderabad. “How long should they wait for their turn?”, he questioned.

In the wake of receiving notices from the Hon’ble High court of Telangana, the government, especially the Chief Secretary and the Commissioner of GHMC must immediately react on this important matter and put the division wise and ward wise list of beneficiaries who have already benefited and who are identified for further distribution of funds on the website for public audit, he asked. He further said that after all, CM Relief Fund (CMRF) is public money and not private money of KCR and the TRS leaders, therefore, there must be transparency and accountability of spending such funds.

“Humbly Thank Hon’ble High Court of Telangana for accepting my letter as Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on widespread irregularities that took place in distribution of flood relief funds in Hyderabad. There was a white collar robbery of flood relief compensation done in Telangana led by TRS party. So the culprits of this scam must be nabbed and punished rigorously as the Hon’ble High Court has accepted to hear this case”, Dr Sravan Dasoju said.

It is recalled that the senior Congress Party leader has written a letter to the Chief Justice of Hon’ble High Court of Telangana on November 02, 2020 explaining the massive irregularities taking place in distribution of Hyderabad flood relief funds. “Instead of distributing the promised relief amount of Rs 10,000 through Cheques to identified beneficiaries, cash is being distributed arbitrarily. In many cases only Rs 2,000 – Rs 3,000 is being distributed. Moreover, TRS leaders, instead of GHMC or Telangana Government Officials, are distributing this cash. What is highly objectionable is, not just TRS MLAs or Corporators, many ward level TRS leaders, who do not have any official position, are distributing the cash”, he informed the Hon’ble Chief Justice in his letter.

He appealed to the Hon’ble Chief Justice to take cognizance of his letter as PIL as hundreds of thousands of original beneficiaries were declined the compensation while the TRS party leaders openly looted the public money in the name of relief funds distribution in Hyderabad ahead of GHMC elections.

The AICC leader, Dr Sravan alleged that the TRS government and the Chief Minister have betrayed the innocent Hyderabadis who have been devastated by the incessant rains that lashed two thirds of the city of Hyderabad in October. Although the CM KCR has said that they have distributed Rs 650 Crore to about 6.5 lakh beneficiaries and would further distribute relief compensation to over 1 lakh people, but nothing has been done so far, he criticized.

“The TRS party has illegally utilized the public money for the political purpose of winning GHMC elections. Since the elections are over, the government and the Chief Minister have completely ignored and forgotten the flood affected people of Hyderabad. I hope with the intervention of Hon’ble High Court, justice will be done to the original beneficiaries while the culprits will be sent behind the bars”, Dr Sravan Dasoju said.