Dispute-free lands must be given for house-sites- Jana sena


There may be eruption of disputes if the lands acquired for particular purposes are given to other purposes. The government issued orders allocating the lands acquired for the capital city for the purpose of house-sites as it will lead to disputes. No one will find fault in allocating house-sites to the poor people. If the government has real commitment it should give dispute-free lands. When
the farmers who have given their lands are doing agitations on one hand, the government issued orders for giving pattas. It is a deliberate attempt to create rift among the people. The government is trying to clear its hands by allotting the capital city lands to the beneficiaries. The poor people will be suffered with further legal complications. There are disputes with regard to the lands allotted for house-sites not only in the capital city villages but also in the districts. It indicates that the government has no commitment towards the scheme as it decided to convert the assigned lands, burial grounds and school playgrounds into house-sites.